Become a Certified Expert in The Becker Method

If you’re here, it’s not by accident.

You’re not just a professional organizer, move manager, or productivity expert. You are deeply passionate about the life-transforming power of simplicity, someone who believes that owning less can be a pathway to living more meaningful lives.

And you desire to help others discover that reality as well.

You are exactly the type of person we’re looking for to become certified in The Becker Method! Become a Professional Declutterer™.

Elevate Your Career While Staying True to Your Mission

As a professional in the decluttering and organizing industry, you already have the skill set and passion for helping people better their lives by bettering their spaces.

What if you could take your career to the next level while staying deeply committed to your mission to help people own less?

You can! I want to help you do both—better.

Benefits to Your Career and Clients

  • Training in a Proven Method of Owning Less: The Becker Method has helped hundreds of thousands of people, all over the world, declutter their homes and lives. This rich training will fully equip you in the life-changing strategy that has helped so many others.
  • Purpose-Driven Client Acquisition: Once certified, you will be personally endorsed and listed on
  • Maximize Your Positive Impact: The Method you’ll learn has a ripple effect that goes beyond your clients’ immediate physical spaces—it touches their lives, the lives of those around them, and even has the potential to change community perspectives.
  • Legacy Building: This certification is more than a professional credential; it’s an opportunity to join a mission-driven community.

Your Investment

The course fee for becoming Becker Method Certified is $1,299, with an annual renewal fee of $129.

The value of becoming Becker Method Certified goes far beyond the initial course fee. This training equips you with specialized skills, enabling you to bring lasting change into the homes and lives of your clients. It also opens doors to professional opportunities, including being listed on Becker Method Certified—a hub for clients already seeking the services of a trained decluttering expert.

*All participants who complete the training and pass the final exam will join our online directory as a “Certified Professional” or “Certified Individual.”

Course Details: What You Will Learn

In-Depth Modules

  1. Guiding to Less: This is where your journey begins. In this module, you’ll learn how to inspire your clients to yearn for a life less burdened by material possessions.
  2. Uncluttering Basics: At the core of the course is The Becker Method, a 7-step process that has helped hundreds of thousands declutter their homes and lives.
  3. Clearing the Clutter: You’ll learn decluttering techniques that make the decluttering process not just effective but also emotionally uplifting for your clients.
  4. Decluttering Dialogues: This module will equip you with the tools to address resistance and answer frequently-asked questions from clients.
  5. Conquering Roadblocks: This module focuses on equipping you to help your clients navigate both decluttering obstacles and excuses.
  6. Maintaining Simplicity: You’ll learn strategies for helping your clients create new habits to maintain a simpler, clutter-free existence.

Extra Resources for Extended Learning

To enrich your learning experience, the course also includes five bonus videos that delve into personal and professional development.

Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to join three live group coaching sessions with me, giving you direct access to further insights and clarifications.

Prove Your Mastery and Join the Movement

After completing the course and passing the final examination with an 85% score or higher, you’ll officially be a Becker Method Certified Expert.

Experts with at least one year of professional experience will be listed as Certified Professionals.

Participants without at least one year of professional experience will be listed as Certified Individuals.

You can see the current list of Certified Experts here.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

Are you ready to commit to a career that aligns with your deepest values? If the answer is yes, then take the step today to transform lives, starting with yours.

Once enrolled, you’ll join an exclusive online forum. It’s a rich resource for sharing experiences, seeking advice, and connecting with like-minded professionals.

There’s so much more to this journey, and we can’t wait for you to be a part of it. The potential to create meaningful, lasting change is limitless.

Thank you for wanting to help others own less. You are not here by accident.